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Leveraging Open Standards & Guidelines for Mutliplatform Asset Sharing

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    <p>The Khronos Group, the open consortium spearheading industry alignment on the creation, management and display of 3D content, understands the pain of producing multiple configurations of the same graphic for deployment across various user platforms. Khronos 3D Commerce Working Group has developed a set of realtime 3D asset guidelines, tools and programs to ensure that artists and content creators efficiently author 3D assets and models that can be reliably deployed for real-time rendering and designers can view and share 3D assets consistently on diverse end-user delivery platforms. The guidelines are 3D tool-agnostic and can be used alongside Autodesk's software to bring product designers and engineers an easy-to-understand set of recommended practices and presets for creating, sharing, and viewing 3D assets and collaborating on various platforms including desktop, mobile, and AR.</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Designers, engineers, and architects will learn where decision points are to apply best practices.
    • Learn how these guidelines have been applied outside of a retail context by entities including the Smithsonian Institute.
    • Understand how guidance for product design diverges from the 3D asset use case for e-commerce, art or education.
    • learn about open standards and guidelines available today