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Implementing Autodesk Construction Cloud Across a £1.8billion Business

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    Implementation of any new solution can be challenging, especially when you are changing the way people have been working for decades. Many see construction as an old-fashioned industry, but the fact that there is so much space for change is what makes it really exciting. The industry is seeing a huge increase in the use of cloud-based construction management platforms, and this class will show you how to introduce and implement Construction Cloud software from Autodesk across the business and inspire your team to use it. The presentation will cover our journey and the processes we implemented to roll Construction Cloud, as well as a case study that demonstrates the use of the platform for coordination and in the field. We were able to gain a 50% time savings on coordination and reporting by using BIM 360 Document Management and BIM 360 Model Coordination, and drive efficiencies on-site with Field Management, Assets, and Assemble. This class will be a great opportunity to learn how you can achieve this success too.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to develop a strategy for implementing Construction Cloud in your company
    • Identify uses for different BIM 360 modules and the Assemble platform
    • Explain how to use the product to improve coordination and drive efficiencies on-site
    • Learn about training requirements and how to deliver the right training for your users