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If It Fits, It Ships!
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This session will be a case study of construction-ready design, documentation, and collaboration utilizing Revit software. We’ll take you on a journey from the computational design of a complex and unique enclosure to the automatic generation of key dimensions, resulting in precise manufacturing. Collaboration with the manufacturer and early feedback from contractors led to the design being iteratively optimized based on fabricator and contractor feedback. As a result, the performance mockup passed water and dynamic testing with flying colors. The design process gave both fabricators and contractors high degrees of confidence, resulting in a smooth installation process. This process demonstrates the flexibility and efficiency of utilizing adaptive components in iterative design, with extended team collaboration. If it fits, it ships!

Key Learnings

  • Learn about capabilities of adaptive components for computational design
  • Learn about using adaptive components to rapidly iterate design based on fabricator and contractor feedback
  • Learn about using adaptive components with repeaters and reporting parameters to make them aware of their placement
  • Learn how to automate dimensioning using reporting parameters


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