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Industry Talk    BES500021
How to build a sustainable and connected future through the AECC
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Using Curtin’s approach to producing more sustainable outcomes in design as an example, this will cover the methods that can be introduced through the AECC to reduce a company’s carbon footprint and improve process innovation through material choices and technology.
The talk will track Curtins’ journey to developing a unique carbon tool for Revit. Initially developed at concept stage using Dynamo and expanded through to more complex Revit API, the tool provides connected data to a central cloud database that helps design teams make more informed decisions on low carbon solutions.
The tool is an integral part of Curtins’ project delivery and has been expanded to include a Modern Methods of Construction assessment tool.
We will demonstrate the company’s shift to cloud collaboration through the use of BIM 360, discuss how the pandemic accelerated this change and the way Curtins’ teams are using the power of the Cloud. Concludes with lessons learnt and use of Robotic Process Automation.

Key Learnings

  • Understand how Revit technology can customized to drive sustainable design solutions.
  • Identify how BIM 360 can be used to improve other aspects of project delivery.
  • Tips and tricks for automating, setting-up and managing a controlled BIM 360 hubs in a large organisation.
  • Assess how Curtins’ MMC Appraisal toolkit is helping enable standardised design in design teams and achieve the highest PMV.


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