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Digital transformation through data integration:Vault, FusionTeam & QR Code

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    The D&M market presents numerous challenges and opportunities, we increasingly see data integration as a key factor in the evolution of digital maturation. Talking about Vault, Fusion Team or Fusion Manage without thinking about how your customer's entire chain benefits are often vague and meaningless. In this session, we will present how the Vault + Fusion Team integration dynamically enables the collaboration of the information released by the Vault with any employee or outsourced company, in addition we will present a practical case of the COPAL client (Colgate Palmolive) that through readings via QRCODE allows any employee or third party to access information relevant to an electrical panel in the Industrial Plant, with the most up-to-date version available on the Fusion Team.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how COPAL created the traceability of around 300 electrical panels in its plant with Vault, Fusion Team & QR Code.
    • Validate functional examples of connections between Vault, Fusion Team & QR Code.
    • Identify how we have done a department integration involving: engineering, operation, and maintenance
    • Understand how digital transformation is changing the industry of consumer products