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Bridging the Gap Between iLogic Automation and Inventor Add-Ins

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    You've seen how iLogic automation can tame tedious and error-prone tasks and make you and your fellow Inventor users more efficient. But have you also run up against the limitations present within the automation tools offered with iLogic? Have you struggled to take things to the next level and create Inventor add-ins? Are you concerned about having to start over? You're not alone. Making the transition from iLogic is a difficult transition for many busy professionals who want to take their automation further but find themselves sticking with what is known, what is familiar, and what is already in place. Join this session and other Inventor automation-focused users like yourself, and you'll discover a path forward that allows you to capitalize on the familiarity of your existing automation, while learning the landscape of the Inventor add-in.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create simple add-ins using your existing iLogic rules.
    • Discover the "how to get started” process of Inventor automation add-ins.
    • Learn to create a richer user interface for your automation tools.
    • Better understand the Inventor add-in tools, templates, and techniques.