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BIM 360 for Bayer: CDE for a Global Player
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This class will explain how BIM 360 Document Management was implemented for Bayer, a world leader in pharmaceuticals, to provide the common data environment that connects the firm’s experts with suppliers for its global upgrade of facilities, known as GMP-Up. The class will provide important insights into how BIM 360 functionality and Autodesk Consulting expertise were combined to support Bayer in its goal of achieving information assurance, risk mitigation, and collaboration through BIM, from design to construction to turnover and operations. The agenda will be as follows: What's good manufacturing practice and why does it matter? The Bayer GMP-Up program: standards and supply chains at global scale. BIM Level 2 for information assurance, risk mitigation, and collaboration. BIM 360 software: key components and templates for successfully implementing BIM 360 Document Management for GMP-Up. Tips and tricks for helping project teams to adopt BIM 360. Feedback from GMP-Up project teams. And, finally, conclusions.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the 4 key business advantages that make up Bayer's value proposition, as owner, for adopting BIM 360 for its GMP-Up program
  • Discover the 5 most significant factors that enabled the successful global implementation of the BIM 360 common data environment
  • Discover the key components of the BIM 360 Document Management solution, in terms of configured functionality and complementary BIM Level 2 responsibilities
  • Learn how to use the 4 provided tips and tricks for immediately improving project-level adoption of BIM 360 cloud solutions



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