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Adventures in Convergence: Sustainable Design, Data & Procedural Effects
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What do the words: organic, flowing, and skeletal have in common? They are used to describe Generative Design (GD). The unique aesthetic of GD within product design is well documented. However, what happens when this methodology is combined with emerging tools in Media & Entertainment to enhance product performance and beauty? Further, how can designers leverage these converging ideas to inform the future of manufacturing, and the planet?
Inspired by an Autodesk Technology Center resident, this case study explores the sustainable and manufacturing implications of GD when used with procedural ornamentation.
Using manufacturing (Fusion 360), media and entertainment (Maya & Bifrost) tools, as well as data captured during the fabrication process this talk investigates how GD can inform early design decisions. Experience the convergence of industries as the Technology Centers explore what it means to continuously reshape and adapt objects to meet functional and performance requirements.

Key Learnings

  • Identify critical factors in the design process that can be greatly affected by data informed decision making
  • Identify critical factors during the design process that greatly affect a products ability to be manufacturable & sustainable
  • Characterize Generative Design ornamentation and how it is applied using a Fusion 360 to Maya (Bifrost) workflow
  • Experience the journey and converging opportunity that can exist when joining the Autodesk Outsight Network



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