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Top-rated classes by language


Top-Rated Architecture Class

Xia Bangyuan 夏邦元

Top-Rated Engineering Classes

Tian Hua 田华

Zhao Jie 赵杰, Ziqi Hao

Top-Rated Media & Entertainment Class

Zhang Wenhan 章文涵

Top-Rated Product Development & Manufacturing Class

Xiang Shaoping 向少平, Liu Xuedong 刘雪冬

Top-Rated Software Development Class

BQ Enables Architectural "Vaccination"
Tong Xingyu 童星宇


Top-Rated Architecture Class

Le BIM pour le patrimoine historique, Renaissance et seconde vie
Gael Hamon, Emmanuel Di Giacomo

Top-Rated Construction Class

Validation des modèles avec PyRevit et PowerBI
Léo Kichenin

Top-Rated Engineering Class

Convergence BIM et SIG appliquée aux projets urbains et interurbains
Quentin Marquette

Top-Rated Product Development & Manufacturing Classes

L'OREAL : Modélisation d'outillages avec Fusion 360
Matthew Forrester, Bertrand Masure

Création d'un Châssis de Drone grâce à la Conception Générative
Cengiz Kurtoglu

Top-Rated Autodesk-Led Class

Optimiser le processus de conception structurel à l'aide de Dynamo
Emmanuel Lagardette


Top-Rated Engineering Class

Planung von Kabeltrassen mit Autodesk Civil 3D
Carolin Leipold

Top-Rated Product Development & Manufacturing Class

Inventor - Tipps und Tricks
Norman Roith



Top-Rated Architecture Class

Next Level, Revit!
김현우, Yong-Sung Choi

Top-Rated Construction Classes

보안 전문가와 함께하는 오토데스크 컨스트럭션 클라우드 플랫폼의 이해
JeongWook Choi, Ingeun Yi

BIM 미리 만나는 D-Tech Tower
Chungeun Cho

Top-Rated Cross-Industry Class

공동 주택 BIM 지원 센터 소개
seungho Yim


Top-Rated Architecture Class

Del concepto al modelo BIM: Nuevos flujos con FormIt más Revit
Juan Yusta

Top-Rated Construction Class

Revolución de BIM en la gestión inmobiliaria
Beatriz Santis, Paulo Ogino

Top-Rated Engineering Class

Diseño y cálculo de puentes BIM
Alvaro Palacio Cortes

Top-Rated Product Development & Manufacturing Class

Space Labs: gestión integral del ciclo de vida de laboratorios
David Barco Moreno, Adelmo Antelo

Top-Rated Autodesk-Led Class

ABC: 3 letras para colaborar en proyectos multidisciplinares como un PRO
Jose Ariza, Alexandre Mihalache

Award Eligibility and Criteria

Awards for AU 2021 recognize classes with the highest average attendee rating that also meet the following requirements:

  • Class materials: Your class must have a recorded video, a handout, and a presentation.

  • Minimum average response rate: Your class must be rated by a minimum number of attendees.

In the case of a tie, the number of positive comments and number of unique views may also be considered.

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