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April 13, 2018

What’s Trending at AU online: March 2018

There’s never a bad time to build your skills and boost your career. Take a look at some of March’s most-watched AU online classes to find out what your colleagues and peers are learning. Get Ready for Artificial Intelligence in Construction Speakers: Josh Kanner, Michael Moran Drones, wearables, and mobile devices are bringing exponential growth in the data associated with construction. Machine learning and other technologies can help you sort, filter, and extract insights. From smart photo tagging to predictive analytics, learn what AI is making possible in construction today. Over 60 Revi... READ MORE >
April 4, 2018

Meet the Robots—New Approaches and New Skills for Automation

Robots have been in use in industry for decades, but they’ve gotten radically more intelligent and useful over the past 10 years, mostly due to rapid advances in software and computing power. And the real progress is just getting rolling. Unless John Connor comes back from the future to stop them, robots are expected to play an ever-increasing role in the Augmented Age we live in, handling common tasks and expanding human capabilities at work, at home, and on the roads in between. These short presentations from AU 2017 give us a glimpse of what’s ahead in robotics and how the breakthroughs are... READ MORE >
March 28, 2018

Prototyping and Fabrication: Introducing the PIE Shop, a New Manufacturing Incubator

Something’s afoot in Portland, Oregon, besides rain, great coffee, and craft beer. As In the Fold reported, the Portland Incubator Experiment Shop (a.k.a. the PIE Shop) has opened. A collaboration between the Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE), pioneering Portland product design firm Uncorked Studios, and Autodesk, which will have its Portland office there, the PIE Shop aims to guide manufacturing and IoT startups through the prototyping and fabrication phases of their product. Have a product in the works? Need a jump-start to get to market? They’re looking for companies that can have a pro... READ MORE >
March 21, 2018

Do More with BIM 360 Using the Power of Forge

If you attended the AEC keynote at AU in November, you heard the big news: the next generation of BIM 360 is built on the Forge development platform. What does that mean for you if you already use BIM 360? Many things, but perhaps most importantly the ability to use Forge to customize your BIM 360 deployment to integrate it into your company’s workflows and your construction ecosystem. At AU 2017, Sheryl Yang, Judd Fuoto, and Mona Jalilzadeh led a session about doing just that. They showed what was possible, shared customer successes, and explained how to get started. What can you do with yo... READ MORE >
March 16, 2018

Telling Stories, Building Futures: Presentations to Help You Share Your Vision with Impact

At AU, we help celebrate the ways today’s industry professionals imagine, design, and make a better world. It’s where we come to connect and learn from each other, and in the process we dive into big questions about the future of work, the future of our industries, and the future of making things. AU gives us all a chance to tell our stories. That means your story is important, whether it’s a problem you solved, a workflow you perfected, a trend you’re a part of, or a breakthrough you’re making. From classes to keynotes, Theater sessions to roundtable discussions, there are innumerable ways t... READ MORE >