Bringing the Factory to the Construction Site | Robert Bowerman

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Bringing the Factory to the Construction Site

Robert Bowerman explains how the team at ATC has brought the precision of the factory to the construction site.


In an effort to replicate the high volume and high quality found in industrial manufacturing, forward-thinking builders first moved parts of the construction process into the factory—prefabrication. Now builders are reversing the process, bringing the factory to the construction site. Robert Bowerman shares the work of the team at the ATC in Birmingham, England, as they put 2 fabrication robots into a shipping container on the back of truck. If you had the ability to manufacture anything you needed on a construction site, what would you make?

About the speaker

Robert Bowerman is a technical consultant within the field of additive manufacturing, working on collaborative projects and with industrial partners to develop the future tools for additive manufacturing processes, with a particular focus on Directed Energy Deposition (5-axis and robot-controlled) and Powder Bed systems.

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