A Design Mastermind and His AI Apprentice | Arthur Harsuvanakit

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A Design Mastermind and His AI Apprentice

To spark his creativity, master designer Philippe Starck turned to artificial intelligence as a design tool. Arthur Harsuvanakit, a senior designer at Autodesk, shares the story of this game-changing collaboration.


Why is the humble chair a perennial favorite of designers? Because chairs can say something important about the culture and society they are part of, as well as the individual that chooses to sit in them. Many of the greatest designers have agreed that chair design is a formidable challenge. Arthur Harsuvanakit, senior designer at Autodesk, tells the story of the newest creation from master designer Philippe Starck—a chair created in collaboration with a new tool, artificial intelligence.

About the speaker

Arthur Harsuvanakit is a senior designer at Autodesk. He has also worked as an exhibition designer in Stuttgart, Germany, and as an exhibit coordinator at the San Francisco Children’s Museum. He holds a degree in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design.

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