Industrialized Construction meetup

Professional (Mid-career to more seasoned professionals)

Industrialized Construction is a big idea - and big ideas often come with big rewards. It’s estimated that the adoption of Modular or offsite construction as part of Industrialized Construction strategy could lead to mind-blowing savings of $22 billion a year across the construction industry. In addition to cost savings, IC can also makes construction projects safer, more efficient, faster, and more profitable, while reducing rework and improving employee recruitment and retention.

At this community meetup, you'll hear from Autodesk VP of Industrialized Construction Amy Marks (AKA The Queen of Prefab) along with a set of customers and industry leaders who are making good on the promise of industrialized construction and all it has to offer general contractors, specialty contractors, and building owners.

Understand real world examples of how Industrialized Construction is transforming the building industry Make contacts with peers and industrialized construciton experts Understand how Autodesk Consulting can help jumpstart a new industrialized construction project or workflow Understand the next steps customers can take to make IC a reality at their firm

Women's Networking Reception

Not Applicable (Content is not skills-based)

Join the Autodesk Women's Network in a meet and greet with women-identifying attendees at Autodesk University. Light refreshments will be served. People of all genders are welcome.

feel connected with other women in attendance community diversity inclusion

Design & Manufacturing: Professional Empowerment Meetup

Professional (Mid-career to more seasoned professionals)

What’s more important? Qualifications – or Industry experience? How do I get both? Where should I focus my effort? What resources are there? Who can help me?

Meet with the career minded to swap tips, offer skills advice, and discuss career planning at this informal meetup. You could meet your next mentor at Autodesk University - or your next hire!

Connect the new and talented with experienced proffesionals Discuss how to gain relevent industry experience to round out your skill set Find out what new skills, software or techniques you ned to keep up with Build your network

Office? Home? Hybrid? Remote working Meetup: What is the new culture?

Associate (Entry-level professionals)

The last few years have forced a rise in remote working – we’ve all had to implement new technologies, devise new workflows, and build new habits.

What’s next? Will you go back to how things were? Will you push on with remote working? Is there a Hybrid approach?

Join this informal meetup to discuss how you are succeeding with remote and hybrid working, swap successful strategies and consider what you might have missed.

Build your network of like minded individuals, and support each other as we work through this change in our daily working habits.

Meet others who have implimented remote working Discuss what happens next - what are you concerned about? Swap best practices - what's going well for you, what's going badly? Build your support network

Autodesk University Meetup: First time at AU? Meet your fellow freshers!

Not Applicable (Content is not skills-based)

Hundreds of classes, thousands of people, and limitless opportunities to learn, connect and explore – oh my!

Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure how to get the best out of Autodesk University?

Join us for this informal meetup to connect with your fellow freshers, meet our AU mentors, and swap tips and strategies for getting the best out of Autodesk University!

Meet fellow Autodesk University Freshers, and our mentors and guides Find out what is not to be missed at Autodesk University Get tips, tricks and hacks - getting the most value out of your AU experience Get the most out of Autodesk University

Meet the Innovation Accelerators!

Not Applicable (Content is not skills-based)

They won this year's Awards of Excellence for innovation. Come meet the innovators! This is a chance to "talk shop," have amazing conversations, and discover how today's experts are imagining tomorrow.

Innovators help predict the future and anticipate change. They lead us to look at and explore problems from a new perspective and uncover new solutions.

Transformation Award
Innovator of the Year
Making a Better World

Learn about new innovative and transformative projects. Connect with the people who are imagining tomorrow, today. Expand your knowledge of how the industry is changing, understand new ways of working, and new projects. Create and share connections with the people who are moving industry forward; and be inspired by award-winning work

Building a Diverse Team: the Do's and the Don'ts

Not Applicable (Content is not skills-based)

Why do most companies that tackle diversity and inclusion fail? You want to diversify your team but you're just not attracting the right talent. Meet others who have been there and learn (or share!) how to build a more inclusive work environment.

Understand why diversity and inclusion is necessary in the workplace and why/how it leads to success Transform their practices and team culture to feel more inclusive Recruit more effectively to attract diverse talent Exchange ideas on how to approach it
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Black Architects of New Orleans: A Walking Tour

Not Applicable (Content is not skills-based)

Join a local tour guide to learn about the colorful creole cottages & shotgun homes that line the streets of Treme. This two hour walking tour of the oldest African American neighborhood in the nation explores the legacy of this culturally rich area. You will discover in this tour the roots of Jazz, Storyville, Black Mardi Gras Indians and visit some of the most cultural significant sites in New Orleans. You will be outside, connecting with the community, and participating in an abundant and beautiful cultural experience.

Learn how Black architects had a crucial role and important legacy in the city's architectural landscape Be inspired with an awareness of the need to design, create, and build an inclusive, diverse, and equitable future. Expand your depth of knowledge of BIPOC communities and individuals who shaped our world Gain empathy by learning about the lives and work of others; gain inspiration from cultural appreciation, expand your world.

Meet Autodesk's Employee Resource Groups

Not Applicable (Content is not skills-based)

At Autodesk, we are fortunate to be part of a global company that works in almost 40 countries and speaks dozens of languages. Embracing what makes us different, as well as what unites us, helps create a culture of belonging that allows us to do our best work and thrive. Autodesk’s ten Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are essential to enabling and fostering a diverse, inclusive workplace where everyone can feel like they belong. ERGs are voluntary groups made up of and led by Autodeskers who come together based on common backgrounds or dimensions of human diversity that align with our Autodesk Diversity and Belonging Strategy. ERGs provide opportunities outside of your everyday work to shape the world and your future.

We invite our customers to spend an hour touring our groups to learn a little more about each group's mission and how ERGs might benefits your company. Join us and learn more about how diversity and belong can help us all rise to our greatest potential.

Understand Autodesk Employee Resource Groups strategy Imagine how Employee Resource Groups could work for your business Invite participation from various identities to the table of influence and decision-making Create a psychologically safe environment where employees and customers bring their authentic selves without reserve

Digital Barn-Raising: How Standards Communities are Building the Metaverse

Professional (Mid-career to more seasoned professionals)

If the metaverse is ever to realize its potential, it must be open. Content creation must be accessible, and the content itself must be portable across different devices and contexts from eCommerce to multi-user gaming to real-time collaboration. In short, the metaverse needs open standards.
No one company will own the metaverse – and no one SDO will define its underlying standards. In this session, Neil Trevett, President of the Khronos Group, will explore the constellation of open standards, open source software projects, and organizations who are currently working to evolve formats and standards for 3D content creation to support metaverse applications. He’ll discuss how these organizations are working to identify and address barriers and gaps in standards, tooling, and resources; how collaboration across organizations is evolving; and how companies and individuals can get involved.

Describe the roles of the open standards, open source software projects, and organizations developing metaverse standards Articulate gaps in the metaverse content development ecosystem that can be mitigated through standards Identify current standards and formats that can be leveraged for the creation of portable metaverse assets Find opportunities to influence the development of standards that affect their work
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