Manage Project Complexity with Better Data and Document Management

Aging infrastructure, smaller budgets, growing populations, and rapid urbanization mean projects are more complex than ever.

With Autodesk, you can better plan, operate, and manage assets by using enriched data, aggregated models, and a connected data environment. Easily connect to your asset management systems and help to reduce costs and risk and increase efficiency.

Take charge of your data

How you manage and derive insights from project data impacts your ability to mitigate risk, detect clashes, and improve operations. Centralized data can improve project transparency, collaboration across project teams, quality and compliance, and handover to operations.

How operators and project teams address project complexity

  • Centralizing Project Data

    City Rail Link Project
    See how Link Alliance collaborated across 7 companies and 1,600 employees from 30 countries and 16 disciplines to deliver New Zealand's largest, most complicated transportation project, City Rail Link.

  • Digitalizing Town Planning

    3D GIS Project
    See how the City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg are digitizing their natural and built environment to facilitate feasibility studies and redevelopment projects and to provide better context to decision-makers and the public.

  • Modernizing Without Service Interruption

    ARA Zimmerberg Project
    See how Hunziker Betatech renovated two wastewater treatment plants into one within a confined space to meet new regulations, population growth, and a sustainability strategy.

Follow the digital journey of critical infrastructure

  • Roadway Networks
    Take a look at how we help transportation agencies digitize their road and highway projects.

  • Airports
    Discover how various facets of data ownership, quality, and interoperability impact airport infrastructure project success.

  • Connected Construction
    Get full transparency into the construction of your projects by streamlining data and communications with your builders at every step.

Let's work together on your data management strategy

Autodesk is a proud partner in your digital transformation journey. Our connected data platform gives you the control, visibility, and insights needed to make better asset investment decisions. Let's connect.

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