ShotGrid - Future of Creative Cloud Production

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9th June 2021 | Wednesday

2pm - 3pm (PH Time)

Creative production industries have been hit hard by COVID-19 as on-set filming halted abruptly and studios were left empty. Overnight, high-stakes processes usually executed in person and reviewed in real-time moved to remote workflows, many from home.

At Autodesk, we have had the privilege of working with the world’s largest and most influential creative studios, and this has given us a valuable perspective into how these industries have problem-solved during this time with ShotGrid.

Register today and learn how ShotGrid is helping our customers find ways to do more with fewer resources, use less digital waste, streamline processes, and ultimately converge digital workflows with physical on-set processes.

During this e-workshop you will:

  • Learn about ShotGrid, the latest in Creative Cloud Production Management.
  • Complete a pre-arranged series of steps in integrating ShotGrid into your production workflow.
  • Fully immersed you and your studio in the benefits of ShotGrid.