3D CAD and PDM: The Bedrock of Modern Product Development

Add much-needed agility to your development process with parametric 3D CAD. Pair with product data management to facilitate smooth collaboration across your engineering team.

Add another dimension to your design

Add another dimension to your design

The need for more agility in design, and in the development process as a whole, requires a modern modeling approach. Learn how you can easily incorporate design changes, get more value from your models, and reuse your existing design data by modeling in parametric 3D.

The foundation of modern product development

Create models that are easily changed and simply understood

Designing products in 3D requires no interpretation—so you can spot potential issues early and convey your intent to other stakeholders clearly. And because the model is driven by parameters and connected to downstream deliverables, you can make changes late in the development process with ease and watch while everything updates automatically.

Control design files and make collaboration simple

Product data management is built specifically to manage 3D CAD data, so you can perform advanced searches, copy complete designs, and automatically version files as your design progresses. It also facilitates collaboration among your team, so everyone has access to the same data but you’re never at risk of overwriting someone else's hard work.

Get more out of your parametric design data

Countless downstream activities—from simulation to machine programming to product configuration—can all be done faster and more accurately with a parametric 3D model. Take it further by integrating PDM with your ERP system to exchange bills of material, change processes, and vendor or supplier information.

See the outcomes achieved with 3D CAD and PDM


    Reducing design delays by 50%

    Parametric 3D modeling and PDM combine to reduce setbacks in the design process, errors in designs, lost documents, and delays in communication.

    Image courtesy of Benson Industries


    From 12 to 150 projects a month

    Making the move from 2D to parametric 3D modeling with design automation cuts average design time from hours to mere minutes.

    Image courtesy of Viewrail


    3 to 5 days down to 20-minute prep

    Going from 2D prints to an integrated 3D CAD, CAM, and PDM workflow leads to huge reductions in typical project lead times.

    Image courtesy of Nov Fiber Glass Systems

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