Create expansive worlds, complex characters, and dazzling effects

Maya is a professional 3D tool for animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering, designed to create realistic characters and blockbuster-worthy effects.

Image courtesy of Amaru Zeas

Real customer stories

Don’t just take our word for it. Find out how three real studios are using Maya in bringing their 3D assets to life.

  • One Animation

    "We are early adopters and big fans of both Bifrost and the Bifrost development team and that technology is growing into something truly special. We are using it more to come up with some truly powerful solutions for our various technical challenges."

    – Enrique Caballero, Head of CG, One Animation

  • Westworld

    "As a partner supporting the entire journey from pre-production through post-production, we're focused on improving workflow efficiency"

    – Jung Ko-eun, Marketing Director, Westworld


    "The simulation process in Bifrost is freeing and the most dynamic, and it plays back wonderfully fast. I love simulation art and getting lost playing in 3D (it kind of makes me feel like a wizard – and it’s super fun!)."

    – Bradley Munkowitz, Visionary Digital Artist and Director, GMUNK

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Why use Maya?

  • Accelerate workflows

    Maya’s powerful tools help you iterate faster so you can focus on creativity and meet deadlines.

  • Deliver stunning visuals

    Add fine details to characters and scenes, and deliver quality work that keeps clients coming back.

  • Scale for complexity

    Top artists in the industry rely on Maya to create the most complex shots, characters, and worlds.

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