Why use genuine Autodesk software?

Nonvalid software can increase the risk for software failure and exposure to malware, leading to hours of lost productivity.

Only genuine Autodesk products are warranted and supported by Autodesk. Purchase directly from Autodesk or through an authorized reseller to get the performance and reliability you expect with access to the latest features, security updates, previous versions and more.

Genuine Autodesk products

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Genuine Autodesk programs

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    Genuine Autodesk Service

    Did you receive a notification from the Genuine Autodesk Service? This service tests for certain types of nonvalid Autodesk software.

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    Verify your licenses

    This program helps you evaluate your usage of Autodesk software, and verify compliance with Autodesk license agreements. If chosen, you will receive notice and instructions via email and/or letter. Autodesk may also contact you to perform a license review.

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Help prevent piracy and noncompliance

It’s easy to unknowingly buy or use nonvalid software. Unauthorized sellers may sell nonvalid software at deep discounts, on auction sites, or bundle them with computer hardware.

Protect yourself and others by learning more about this important issue and by reporting noncompliance or websites you suspect may be selling or distributing nonvalid Autodesk products.

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