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What is generative design?

Generative design is a form of artificial intelligence that leverages the power of the cloud and machine learning to accelerate the entire design-to-make process. Based on parameters such as performance or spatial requirements, materials, manufacturing methods, and cost constraints generative design software simultaneously creates multiple CAD-ready alternatives.

“Generative design allows us to tackle complex problems that would take somebody more time than they have to go through different analyses."

Dr. John Suh, Vice President New Horizon Studio, Hyundai Motor Group

Image courtesy of Hyundai Motor Group

Customer success stories

Learn about our technology, expertise, and commitment to innovation from our customers.

  • SRAM explores cycling innovation through generative design

    By experimenting with generative design for a new bike crankarm, SRAM produced a part that was twice as strong and 20% lighter.

  • BAC Mono creates one of the lightest wheels in the world

    By using generative design technology with 3 and 5-axis milling, Briggs Automotive Company created new wheels that are 35% lighter.

  • Volkswagen uses generative design to redesign epic bus

    Generative design technology helps Volkswagen reduce mass while maintaining high performance standards.

Applying generative design

How a new approach can significantly improve performance, productivity, and cost

Generative design articles

  • Optimize traditional manufacturing methods with generative design

    Generative design and additive manufacturing are a powerful force, revolutionizing product development allowing engineers to identify, design and optimize traditional manufacturing methods like CNC machining.

  • Solve budget constraints and design challenges with generative design

    Explore how generative design technology can help engineers to keep within budgetary constraints while producing innovative designs. Learn the benefits of a cost-centric approach to the design process.

  • Three ways generative design is transforming business

    Autodesk generative design is making the convergence of design and manufacturing a reality by implementing concurrent engineering as a technology-enhanced, automated process.

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