Deliver unforgettable game experiences with professional 3D software for animation and modeling.

Image courtesy of Cyril Gras

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Tackle your most complex game projects with professional 3D animation and worldbuilding software.

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Create complex 3D game characters and animations

From hyper-realistic to highly stylized, create jaw-dropping characters using Maya’s deep 3D toolset.

  • Build character models more artistically and intuitively.
  • Create and edit UVs quickly and interactively.
  • Add mesh detail with ease and speed.

Image courtesy of Marleen Vijgen

An all-in-one 3D modeling tool

Build elaborate worlds and detailed props with 3ds Max’s extensive modeling toolset.

  • Build complex hard surface and organic models with powerful polygon modeling tools.
  • Rapidly conceptualize, iterate, and explore ideas with a unique modifier stack workflow.
  • Produce accurate low poly content from reality-captured sculptural data using retopology tools.

Image courtesy of Yinuo Chen