Future Mobility Asia 2023

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Image courtesy of Briggs Automotive Company

From Disruption to Resilience: Managing The Shift

17th MAY | 15:20 - 15:40 | INNOVATION STAGE

Making the shift from disruption to resilience is a process that involves embracing a growth mindset, fostering agility, building strong partnerships, investing in technology and innovation, and prioritising sustainability.


By taking these steps, organizations can adapt to changing circumstances, develop the ability to pivot quickly, and create a culture of experimentation and risk-taking. This enables them to not only survive disruptions but to thrive and grow in challenging times.

How to WIN in a Fast Changing Market

18th MAY | 10:40 - 11:00 | INNOVATION STAGE

Founded by brothers Neill and Ian Briggs in 2009, the Liverpool based Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) consulted for car brands including Mercedes, Porsche, Bentley and Ford on design and engineering projects. The Briggs brothers decided to expand their creative potential with a product from scratch and in 2011, the first BAC Mono, a street-legal race car, was born.


Today, BAC is recognised as a pioneer of innovation and a world-class automotive design, development and manufacturing company. It exports to 40 countries and is widely considered as the best driver’s car. BAC is accelerating its digital transformation to seamlessly connect, design, development, manufacturing, supply chain management, invoicing, and after-sales product management with data at its core, as it strives to challenge convention and provide the ultimate driving experience on the road and race track.

Autodesk is proud to be a technology partner of BAC enabling its success.

Come see our Booth


Come see how BAC was able to shed an additional 4.8 kilograms (10.5 lbs) for the latest iteration of their car through the usage of generative design technology.


View exclusive Automotive showcase from Autodesk Birmingham Technology Center, designed and milled with Fusion 360 and PowerMill.


Design your next factory of the future with Autodesk connected workflow and industry convergence solutions.


Immerse yourself with our VR showcase, experience virtual design capabilities with Alias and VRED.

BOOTH PRESENTATION | 10:00 & 14:00 Everyday

Experience the Future of Design


Hear first hand, how BAC's data-driven, collaborative, and cutting-edge techniques for subtractive manufacturing, casting, and light-weighting. Discover how they've optimised their manufacturing techniques and utilised cloud-based collaboration and casting considerations.

Image courtesy of Briggs Automotive Company Ltd

Transform Your Manufacturing Process


Achieve design precision and manufacturing efficiency with innovations that save time and costs while seamlessly connecting workflows end-to-end.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: 


Experience the power of IFM's agile factory design, combining BIM and digital planning for seamless collaboration among project contributors to conceive, design, validate, construct, and manage factories efficiently. With IFM's technology and expertise, businesses can revolutionize their manufacturing process and stay ahead of the competition in today's rapidly evolving marketplace.

Revolutionise Your Design Workflow:


Unlock limitless creativity in remote and hybrid environments with agile design studios and virtual reality collaboration, and discover the future of digital transformation.

Hear our Customer Stories


Ather Energy leverages Autodesk ALIAS Surface and VRED for faster digital modelling and virtual prototyping for its smart electric scooter to pioneer the EV uptake in India.

Image courtesy of Ather Energy


Manufacturer of heavy-duty electric vehicles for mining streamlines design and manufacturing with Autodesk Inventor and Vault.

Image courtesy of Rokion


KUHMUTE uses Fusion 360 and the Formlabs Fuse 1 3D printer to design charging stations built for last-mile vehicles of all makes.

Image courtesy of Kuhmute


Bangalore-based EV start-up Simple Energy overcomes design challenges for its electric two-wheelers with Alias.

Image courtesy of Simple Energy

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