BIM Collaborate Pro

Be greater than the sum of your parts.

Imagine a connected, multidisciplinary team that can work together in real time, from any location, with all the data they need. A team enabled to automate repetitive tasks, reduce data loss, avoid file management issues, and navigate tricky handovers.

Take on more complex projects and the competition with a digital project delivery strategy.

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What is digital project delivery?

Digital project delivery is a way of working where projects are conceived, planned, designed, built, and operated in an interactive digital space for all stakeholders to access. The approach relies on the use of a common data environment (CDE) to support multidiscipline collaboration and design management.

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See how Designer Group saved €12,000 in one trial with digitized workflows

International construction firm Designer Group used BIM Collaborate Pro to enable anytime, anywhere access to the latest centralized model data. The result?

  • Drawings and site installations were completed in less time, making the firm more competitive
  • A €12,000 saving, with one trial
  • Fewer hours spent on repetitive tasks
  • Model sync times reduced from half an hour to five minutes

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Unlock the new possible with digital project delivery

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  • Standardize data exchange

    Establish a single source of truth to help drive standardization and consistency across teams. Reduce time wasted searching for lost data and managing file formats.

  • Streamline collaboration

    Enable real-time co-authoring and collaboration between teams for faster, higher-quality design.

  • Grow your project win rate

    Win bigger with a team that is digitally equipped to meet evolving industry standards and outperform the competition.

  • Gain capacity with a hybrid workforce

    Enable real-time design collaboration for the new location-agnostic, expertise-focused workforce with a common data environment.

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Connect and conquer.

From design to construction, to operations and maintenance—BIM Collaborate Pro is your single source of truth for the entire project lifecycle.

Enable flexible multidiscipline coordination and collaboration for all project stakeholders—wherever they’re working. Enjoy data transparency and locate model issues fast with clash detection. Do it all within one platform.

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Global leaders are embracing BIM Collaborate Pro

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  • SNC-Lavalin scales project efficiencies

    Learn how one Civil Engineering firm empowered its consultants, engineers, and project stakeholders to make better-informed decisions, with any time access to live project data.

  • POLO Architects reduces errors by 50%

    In Edegem, a town near Antwerp, Belgium, an ambitious redevelopment project is underway – and with BIM Collaborate Pro, it's happening with less rework and faster reviews.

  • Heratech reduces amendments by 10%

    With simplified design document management and a single, shared workspace, Heratech reduced risk in the construction phase and powered frictionless collaboration across disciplines.

  • TVS Design: Bigger impact, smaller teams

    See how one Atlanta-based architecture firm built a documentation hub and streamlined its design processes to win bigger projects once limited to larger firms.

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