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BIM Collaboration software for design teams


Centralize data on a common platform using industry-standard software

Connect and coordinate teams with a frictionless, common platform on BIM 360 Design. Manage file sharing, permissions and remote access to centralized, real-time data.

Understand today's trends in building design collaboration

Design and deliver better projects, with BIM collaboration

Companies can enable synchronized and standardized file sharing across project teams with co-authored, cloud-shared files on a common platform. Industry-standard formats and shared, real-time data prevents data loss, ensures compatibility, and allows remote access via web browser or mobile.

Compare how you collaborate in Revit with BIM 360 Design

How are you collaborating in Revit today? If you’re paying for on-site servers, sending large PDFs via email, or hunting down revision clouds, there is a better way! BIM 360 Design is the only solution that offers multidiscipline worksharing and coordination capabilities on Revit models across one firm and between multiple firms. See for yourself by comparing multiple solutions. 

Understand today's trends in building design collaboration

Understand the advantages and disadvantages of each project delivery method, to be informed about helpful, pioneering trends. Learn how to select the best method for your next project.

Understand today's trends in building design collaboration

Customer Success Stories

  • Learn how Atkin's team uses BIM 360 Design to maximize global design resources on Singapore Metro Project

  • Learn how PCL eliminates 624 hours of manual file sharing using BIM 360 Design, improving collaboration on the LAX ConRAC P3 project

  • Customers share their stories on how using BIM 360 Design has increased their Revit and associated BIM productivity immensely

Trends, Impacts and Benefits of BIM 360 Design

  • Start with understanding four trends affecting the AEC industry

    Learn how leaders in the AEC industry are embracing cloud technologies which make remote data management processes possible.

  • Here are 9 reasons why seamless design are cost saving

    64% of architects and 61% of engineers reported that using a collaboration solution helped them deliver higher quality and create more designs/projects.

  • Ways to improve productivity according to AEC professionals

    BIM 360 Design allows teams to streamline deliverable coordination, visualize changes to the project model in an aggregated view, track project progress, and manage issues.

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