Letting Maya do the Heavy Lifting

"We are early adopters and big fans of both Bifrost and the Bifrost development team and that technology is growing into something truly special. We are using it more to come up with some truly powerful solutions for our various technical challenges.”

~Enrique Caballero

Image courtesy of One Animation

Finding a way to let Artists be Artists

Discover One Animation journey with Maya BiFrost, and how as an early adopter has helped them scale their production pipeline.

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Why Maya

Design visualization software for powerful 3D modeling, animation, and rendering

  • Creatively Engaging

    Experience an intuitive and robust toolset that makes animating feel more like creative expression than pressing buttons. From animating attributes of any object to transforming joints and bones, IK handles, and models over time, Maya gives you the creative freedom to bring your characters and scenes from first concept to reality.

  • Faster Animation

    Powerful tools in Maya speed up the process of creating and editing animation. The Time Editor provides an intuitive, clip-based workflow for non-linear animation editing, so you can navigate easily between clips and adjust timing operations like speed, length, and start/stop times. Cached Playback enables you to evaluate iterations of your animation right in the viewport, rather than producing multiple playblasts.

  • Best-in-class Animation Tools

    From tools for producing high-quality, production-ready bound characters to an intuitive graph editor for manipulating animation curves and keys in your scene, and shape authoring tools for adding fine details such as facial expressions to characters, you’ll be working with the industry’s best software for animation.

Try Maya

Create expansive worlds, complex characters, and dazzling effects with Maya

  • Bring believable characters to life with engaging animation tools.
  • Shape 3D objects and scenes with intuitive modeling tools in Maya® software.
  • Create realistic effects—from explosions to cloth simulation.

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Ku-Herrero