Digital Project Delivery

Boost productivity and design quality

Automate busy work, prioritize critical tasks, and deliver high-quality results by connecting teams with data.

Get your teams to the cloud for maximum productivity

BIM Collaborate Pro, a digital project delivery tool, includes shared workspaces to reduce communication lag, automated workflows that take on repetitive tasks, and document management tools that streamline approval processes and reviews.

Gain oversight across projects

Dashboards keep you informed and productive with timelines, checklists, and complete visibility over the details.

Automate repetitive processes

Use project templates to automate processes and mundane configuration work, reducing setup time and risk.

Scale operations with less effort

Connect teams across locations, time zones, and disciplines, with transparent, integrated workflows.

Evaluate BIM Collaborate Pro your way

Demo video of BIM Collaborate Pro

See BIM Collaborate Pro

Watch our explainer video to see BIM Collaborate Pro features in action.


Try BIM Collaborate Pro

Try BIM Collaborate Pro

Test real-time collaboration features with your design tools.


Team pilot of BIM Collaborate Pro

Run a pilot test

Assign a small team to run a BIM Collaborate Pro pilot project or test.


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Speak with an expert

We can assess your current practices and digital project delivery needs.


View capabilities for improved collaboration

Catch errors and clashes earlier

Share models between multi-discipline teams to resolve clashes before construction begins.


Easily identify changes

Compare changes between any two versions of your model, using the Change visualization tool.


Set projects up quickly

Use project templates to create new projects with standardized properties for faster project setup.

Go deeper with our AEC design collaboration webinars

Our webinars unpack key topics in BIM collaboration from getting started to discipline-specific discussions. You'll discover workflows for architects, engineers, and builders and learn how multiple AEC applications come together in digital project delivery.

Ready for digital project delivery?

We're here to help your teams move from working in silos to working together in the cloud. From planning and implementation to evaluating workflows, our experts can help you test, pilot, and scale digital project delivery.


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