H2GO Power

Hydrogen-powered drones propel a path to sustainable air travel


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H2GO Power’s drone with a hydrogen-powered reactor

Image courtesy of H2GO.

UK start-up H2GO Power is working on a solution that aims to reduce the environmental footprint of air travel: Working together with Autodesk, the company has developed an additively manufactured reactor that can safely store and release hydrogen gas to power a drone.

A hydrogen-powered drone can fly three times longer than a traditional battery-powered one, and can also carry heavier payloads. The H2GO team used Fusion 360 and 3ds Max to design and optimize a reactor that’s lightweight, durable, efficient, and safe. The company is working on an off-the-shelf solution that expands a drone’s commercial applications—including scanning data from construction sites and disaster areas, and even delivering medicine. The long-term goal is to partner with airplane manufacturers to integrate its hydrogen storage solution into aircraft, using the right technology and insights to streamline a path to a more sustainable world.

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