DWG file exchange

Cross-industry data exchange and collaboration

DWG file support opens the door to better cross-industry design collaboration between building and infrastructure teams.

Unlock new workflows and capabilities

The controlled, cloud-based, model exchange process for DWGs in Design Collaboration (a module within BIM Collaborate and BIM Collaborate Pro) is a new workflow and activates the infrastructure industry to Design Collaboration. In addition, new collaboration workflows empower existing architecture Design Collaboration users for cross-industry data exchange and collaboration.

Here is what it means for multidiscipline, civil engineering, plant design, and architectural teams within the AEC industry:

  • Model aggregation within a rich visual environment
  • Holistic project-wide collaboration workflows
  • Rich, structured data in one shared location
  • Control over design exchanges, cross-referencing, and co-creation
  • 3D models that track changes across elements, versions, and levels
  • Streamlined project delivery

Powerful workflows

These videos illustrate workflows.

  • Cross-industry data exchange

    The Design Collaboration module enables more effective management of design data exchanges between multidisciplinary teams.

  • Facilitating infrastructure data

    Interdisciplinary civil projects can now share and consume model and design data with a controlled and traceable process.

  • Enabling Plant Project Data Exchange

    DWG file exchange improves project-wide collaboration with controlled data sharing and model aggregation within a rich visual environment.

A connected design project ecosystem

Now, as a primary file format for the Design Collaboration module, DWG is supported in the same way that Revit and IFC files are supported, on a connected design project ecosystem, helping to streamline project delivery.

What is BIM Collaborate?

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What is BIM Collaborate?

Review, manage, and coordinate designs in one place with instant progress tracking, easy-to-use in-design mark-ups, contextualized change analysis, automated clash detection, and project insights.

What is BIM Collaborate Pro?

Allows AEC teams to experience smarter co-authoring on a unified platform with shared data and insights, intuitive change analysis, automated clash detection, consolidated issues management, controlled permissions, and advanced project analytics.

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