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See how industry leaders around the globe are embracing convergence strategies for success in the new Altimeter research report, Understanding Convergence: The Next Wave of Digital Transformation.

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What are the four levels of convergence?

Convergence describes the merging of previously separate technologies, processes, and data to create new products, services, and experiences that reshape industries. Discover the four levels of convergence and see why they’re critical to solving global challenges and how they prepare businesses for the next wave of digital transformation.

Autodesk CTO, Raji Arasu and founder of Altimeter, Charlene Li discuss convergence at AU 2021

Convergence and the future of cross-industry collaboration

Explore key takeaways from as Raji Arasu, Chief Technology Officer at Autodesk, and Charlene Li, author and founder of research firm Altimeter as they discuss compelling insights from the report, Understanding Convergence: The Next Wave of Digital Transformation at Autodesk University 2021.

See how companies are adopting convergence

  • Wind turbine: Denmark sources almost half of its electricity consumption from wind power alone

    Odico: adaptable robotics in Denmark

    Bringing robotic precision to wind turbine manufacturing and construction, Odico customers reduce risk and triple productivity, while enabling workers to build designs from a tablet.

    Image courtesy of Getty images

  • BIM models used to complete the 110-foot Millennium Falcon in Disneyland’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge theme park

    Walt Disney Imagineering: Coordinating diverse disciplines

    WDI elevates storytelling and the creation of immersive experiences at its theme parks, through industry convergence and extensive BIM coordination.

    Image courtesy of The Walt Disney Company

  • To meet global demand for battery-powered vehicles, huge numbers of gigafactories are being built around the world

    GOLDBECK: Accelerating gigafactory construction

    As the world prepares to meet a huge increase in demand for electric vehicles, automotive manufacturers can benefit from the methods used for accelerated gigafactory construction.

    Image courtesy of GOLDBECK