The Future of Building Design: Fostering Partnerships Between AEC Firms and Building Product Manufacturers

Building product manufacturers belong in AEC in a bigger way now than ever

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The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry is undergoing digital transformation on multiple fronts and there’s more room than ever for wider integration and collaboration with building product manufacturers. But the path forward isn’t always clear.

We’ve sponsored research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services to examine the role of manufacturers in AEC and explore their path toward greater participation in the industry. You’ll read what AEC firms envision for their relationships with manufacturers. And through interviews with manufacturers in the midst of digitalizing their design processes, this report will share thought-provoking insights about how they have formed strategic partnerships with their AEC collaborators.

There’s never been a bigger opportunity for building product manufacturers to take a seat at the AEC table. This research demonstrates that digital platforms that allow for effortless communication between manufacturing and AEC are available, attainable, and critical for the industry’s future.