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Get the major findings from the latest Dodge Data & Analytics SmartMarket report in our recorded briefing.

Unlocking the full AEC potential of BIM

BIM is driving significant AEC business and project benefits. In this presentation, we’ll share the highlights from an expansive industry-wide survey and let you know how BIM adoption can and will affect your business—including where you should invest your resources and how those investments can lead to greater business growth and opportunity.

  • Major findings

    40-60% of firms across all sectors are using BIM on more than half of their projects. See what this means for your business.

  • Benefits of BIM

    Learn why 87% of surveyed BIM-enabled firms are reporting mid- to high- levels of improvements in business growth and much more.

  • Investments and ROI

    We’ll show you why firms that consistently use BIM over time are seeing massive gains in many areas, no matter when they begin implementation.

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