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Coral Maker is protecting the future of the world’s coral reefs using innovative design, engineering, and robotics technology.


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A designer works on sustainably designed products at global sporting goods retailer Decathlon.

Image courtesy of Decathlon

Decathlon charts a path to sustainability by embracing innovation

The global sporting goods giant is adopting new technologies for product design and manufacturing to reach ambitious sustainability goals—and in the process, reinventing the way it does business.


How the built environment gets designed and made

Autodesk software helps you get everyone on the same page to plan, design, construct, and deliver better projects. #MakeAnything

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Autodesk Construction Cloud: A better way to build, together


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PM Group construction workers on a job site with a digital overlay of the building structure

Image courtesy of PM Group

Driving digital transformation with a people-first mindset

As firms in the construction industry face heated competition for skilled workers, PM Group is investing in talent, training, and technology to successfully attract and retain employees.


How creative projects get designed and made

Autodesk software helps you reach new heights in animation, visual effects, and production management for film, TV, and games. #MakeAnything

Image courtesy of Megalis VFX


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Artists at Jellyfish Pictures collaborate on a project.

Image courtesy of Jellyfish Pictures

Cloud-based production brings the studio to a global team of artists

With 10 years of digital transformation to its credit, acclaimed VFX company Jellyfish Pictures leverages its cloud investments to empower a global remote workforce and build a resilient business.

What’s driving change in your industry? Get the data and insights

The State of Design & Make report is a global, annual study to help leaders who design and make places, objects, and experiences form new business strategies for the future.

A woman works in the metal shop at the Autodesk San Francisco Technology Center.

How the world gets designed and made

Autodesk is a global leader in software for designers, builders, engineers, manufacturers, 3D artists, and production teams. Our industry solutions and platform services help innovators and creators solve today’s most challenging problems.

Instructor and student look at a computer screen.


Reimagine engineering education with Fusion 360

Find out how education professionals are using the Fusion 360 platform to transform the classroom experience.

Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost presents onstage at Autodesk University.


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