Chapter 2 -- HEADER Section
HEADER Section Group Codes
Revised VPORT Header Variables

The following header variables existed before AutoCAD® Release 11 but now have independent settings for each active viewport. OPEN honors these variables when read from DXF files. If a VPORT symbol table with *ACTIVE entries is present (as is true for any DXF file produced by Release 11 or later), the values in the VPORT table entries override the values of these header variables.

Revised VPORT header variables
Variable Group code Description



Fast zoom enabled if nonzero



Grid mode on if nonzero


10, 20

Grid X and Y spacing



Snap grid rotation angle


10, 20

Snap/grid base point (in UCS)



Isometric plane:
0 = Left, 1 = Top, 2 = Right



Snap mode on if nonzero



Snap style: 0 = Standard, 1 = Isometric


10, 20

Snap grid X and Y spacing


10, 20

XY center of current view on screen


10, 20, 30

Viewing direction (direction from target in WCS)



Height of view