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The design-led revolution manifesto

Rethinking design

As designers, we embrace constraints
Constraints focus our creativity. They define the boundaries of a challenge, so we can respond with the best ideas.

Our planet offers us constraints
To ensure a future in which all people can thrive within the limits of the earth, we're challenged to redesign everything. We are reinventing the way we work, the way we create—and even the way we imagine the future.

Broad collaboration is now essential
We are all called to work across borders and disciplines. We design not just for, but with our beneficiaries, who are participants in the collaborative design process.

Thoughtfulness drives our prototyping
We evaluate many solutions before committing to one—testing, learning, and refining at a pace never before possible. We believe that answers emerge at every scale.

We design for regeneration
We seek to understand the systems of our interconnected world. We design in accordance with natural systems. We demand far less from our finite world, while delivering far more to humanity.