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Autodesk products are sold in the US through several types of resellers; depending on the product you're interested in purchasing.

Authorized Value Added Resellers (VARs) provide technical support, and most can provide product training.

An elevated level of Value Added Reseller is our Premier Solutions Provider (PSP). VARs that have the PSP designation have demonstrated an ability to implement solutions, offer a consistent, high level of technical expertise and knowledge of their customers business, and exhibit an overwhelming commitment towards customer service.

There are four types of Premier Solutions Providers that revolve around the Autodesk Solutions Divisions:

  • Manufacturing Specialist
  • Civil Solutions and Mapping Specialist
  • Architectural Specialist
  • Collaboration Specialist

Each Premier Solutions Provider has been selected based on their dedication to the specific Autodesk product line and testimony from customers.

If a VAR is also designated as a PSP, their vertical Specialist Authorization will be noted once you click in to view their detailed authorization information.

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