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Fusion 360 now comes with your Product Design Suite subscription

The future of making things will be dramatically different, driven by changes in the way we live, work, communicate, and produce and consume products.

As a result, Autodesk reimagined 3D CAD/CAM from the ground up. The first tool of its kind, Autodesk Fusion 360 enables you and your team to work together within an integrated design, engineering and fabrication platform, virtually anywhere and on any device. 

As a Product Design Suite subscriber, you’ll now receive Fusion 360 as a benefit along with your subscription. This will give you the ability to take advantage of new business and technical opportunities, while providing you with more choice and flexibility than ever before. Welcome to Fusion 360, and to the community working with us to co-create the future of CAD.

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For help getting started, including tips and tricks, and to see what other people are doing with Fusion 360, visit the Autodesk Fusion 360 YouTube channel.

Questions & answers

What is the benefit to Product Design Suite subscribers?

Product Design Suite maintenance plan customers and subscribers will now have access to Fusion 360 as a subscription benefit.

Note: Fusion 360 is currently available only in English.

Who is eligible for this benefit?

All Product Design Suite Premium and Ultimate customers with an active maintenance plan or subscription (new and existing) are eligible for the benefit.

Note: This benefit is applicable to all active maintenance plan customers of Product Design Suite for any perpetual license type they own: single-user (formerly called Stand-Alone), multi-user (formerly called Network), or Global Network User license.

What specifically will Product Design Suite subscribers get?

Product Design Suite subscribers or maintenance plan customers (new and existing) will receive Fusion 360 as part of the benefits of subscribing.

I have several subscriptions of Product Design Suite. How do I manage which users get access to Fusion 360?

Fusion 360 is based on "named user licensing." The Fusion 360 license applies to a specific user (whose email ID is specified in Autodesk Account). Every subscriber of Product Design Suite will have a corresponding benefit to Fusion 360 – assigned to the Product Design Suite subscriber’s email ID.

For example, for a contract with 10 Product Design Suite subscriptions, the 10 subscribers that are assigned to the Product Design Suite subscriptions can get access to Fusion 360.