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Design and manufacturing professionals use Digital Prototyping tools to develop, manage, and share their design ideas.

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Enabling global collaboration: Fori Automation

Fori Automation designs and builds conveyers for automotive customers worldwide using Product Design Suite, from the sales and quote phase through design implementation. 

"Product Design Suite has been critical to helping support the transformation of products from one industry to another" —Paul Meloche, Vice President of Sales, Fori Automation 

Learn how with Product Design Suite, Fori Automation is:

  • Meeting customer requirements with simulation
  • Ensuring global collaboration with secure data management

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Creative custom equipment: GK Machine

GK Machine Inc. designs and fabricates custom agricultural equipment with Product Design Suite. The company is known for its creative design and engineering, as well as its high efficiency on the manufacturing floor.

"Within a few months we had a product delivered to the customer. We've cut down their fuel costs nearly in half, with overall lower maintenance and much faster use of the machine." —Scott Grossen, Design Engineer, GK Machine

Learn more about the advantages of:

  • Accelerating a custom design process 
  • Collaborating with powerful visualization tools 
  • Integrated simulation capabilities
  • Validating performance and improving quality before building
  • Differentiating from the competition 

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Cleaning up with cleaning equipment: Karcher North America

Karcher North America, the leading provider of consumer, commercial, and industrial cleaning equipment, uses Product Design Suite to get products to market faster and with fewer errors. 

"Autodesk gives us the flexibility of creating the product on the screen and testing it, doing our analysis before we ever construct the first part." —Paul Linton, Senior Engineering Manager, Karcher North America

Learn more about the advantages of: 

  • Validating performance and improving quality before building 
  • Designing for manufacturing 
  • A complete, integrated design workflow 
  • Differentiating from the competition

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Meeting customer needs: Sunkist Research

Sunkist Research uses Digital Prototyping and Product Design Suite to meet their customer's need for new machines that efficiently pack oval fruits, such as lemons and avocados, which have historically been packed by hand.

“Collaboration makes the customer a part of the project. We look at their needs. It's not just us designing for them. Product Design Suite showcases our talent as an engineering group.”—Alex Paradiang, Director of Engineering, Sunkist Research

Learn about the advantages of:

  • Validating performance and improving quality before building
  • Reducing physical prototypes
  • Collaborating with powerful visualization tools
  • Accessing a complete integrated design workflow

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Accelerate innovation: Taylor-Dunn

Taylor-Dunn uses Inventor software in Product Design Suite to design and manufacture highly customized electric-powered carts and cars. This enhances the design review process, enabling the firm’s customers to visualize the design and identify errors prior to manufacturing.

“Our standard product is designed in Inventor, and that data is used in the custom vehicle….allowing us to make modifications quickly and easily.” —Jon Gribble, President of Taylor-Dunn

Learn about the advantages of:

  • Customizing designs to meet customer needs
  • Delivering visualization for enhanced design review
  • Reducing inefficiencies and managing costs