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What Infrastructure Design Suite users are saying

See how Autodesk customers are using Infrastructure Design Suite civil engineering software, with tools for conceptual modeling, data capture, and detailed design and collaboration.

Model creation and facility management

  • Chahoo

    Reverse engineering with 3D data
    Firm uses Infrastructure Design Suite to help automate modeling for a factory site, supporting time savings of up to 70% and reduced project costs.

     Chahoo customer story

  • City of Bamberg Germany

    Updating a world heritage city
    City planners use BIM for infrastructure and A360 to model and share railroad plans with residents of the 1,000 year-old city.

  • Okaloosa Gas District

    Managing gas infrastructure
    Okaloosa Gas relies on Autodesk software and accurate, available spatial data information to help manage its natural gas distribution infrastructure.

     Okaloosa Gas customer story

  • planIng

    Visualizing growth strategies
    Swiss planning firm used 3D models to present development plans in the surrounding environment, helping stakeholders analyze growth impact.

     planIng customer story

  • VTN Consulting

    3D modeling for urban planning
    Firm creates a 3D city model to provide access to infrastructure location and condition information for operations and maintenance.

Proposal development

  • Coastal Engineering

    Improving visual presentation
    A virtual 3D model and animated movie helped communicate plans for a road improvement project more quickly, affordably, and effectively.

     Coastal Engineering customer story

  • Cole Engineering

    3D modeling for land development
    Canadian design firm adopts a BIM process and uses InfraWorks 360 examples in all project proposal responses.

  • DL Engineering

    More detailed proposals
    Small engineering firm uses Infrastructure Design Suite tools to differentiate itself from the crowd and help win new water resource projects.

  • KFW Engineers & Surveying

    Winning against competition
    Design firm uses InfraWorks to quickly process existing geospatial and utility data for a custom civil drainage project presentation.

     KFW Engineers & Surveying customer story

  • Maubertec

    3D modeling to help speed approval
    Model-based bridge visualizations help improve communication with the regulatory agency and speed environmental permitting.

     Maubertec customer story


    Communicating land options
    Firm uses Autodesk solutions to create and communicate grading proposals and stormwater drainage plans to optimize parcel layout.

  • SC Engenharia

    Complex proposals with BIM
    Design firm develops single model of existing road and multiple design options for 16 kilometers of highwway and five overpasses.

Design and stakeholder review

  • Huitt-Zollars

    Design firm uses Autodesk solutions to help reduce cost of a road project, and communicate design plans prior to construction.

     Huitt-Zollars customer story

  • Cole Engineering

    Expediting infrastructure designs
    Project visualizations helped firm manage an accelerated schedule and space constraints for a C$150-million water distribution project.

     Cole Engineering customer story

  • HNTB

    Cross-discipline coordination
    Design firm uses InfraWorks to create a complex model of existing conditions for CTA Wilson Station project, with data captured from LiDAR.

  • Kelprojektas

    Road and highway reconstruction
    Design firm uses intelligent models to manage highway design changes, helping to reduce design costs by 15-30% and construction costs by 5%.

  • Multiconsult

    Rapid modeling of bridges
    Design firm uses InfraWorks to create a data-rich model, and develop design alternatives more accurately in the context of existing environments.

     Multiconsult customer story

  • New Mexico DOT

    Improved road and bridge design
    NMDOT adopts Autodesk BIM solutions to help increase efficiency for new projects in the design and construction of its transportation network.

     New Mexico DOT customer story


    Improved workflow
    InfraWorks facilitates a feasibility study and transforms the assessment process to help find issues and make changes quickly.

  • Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.

    Better stakeholder engagement
    Firm uses InfraWorks to help residents of Middlebury, Vermont, understand bridge design alternatives, and engage more stakeholders.

     Vanasse Hangen Brustlin customer story

Construction coordination

  • ICAbim

    Model-based highway design
    BIM for infrastructure helps design firm to reduce rework and cost issues, and improves delivery on a complex urban project.


    Collaborating across disciplines
    iNFRANEA uses BIM to model, coordinate, and plan a river-widening project on the River Waal Nijmegen for a flood prevention initiative.

     iNFRANEA customer story

  • Odebrecht

    Improved construction planning
    Autodesk solutions help firm meet environmental challenges, schedule requirements, and communication on a large hydroelectric project.

     Odebrecht customer story

BIM in infrastructure

  • Camargo Correa

    BIM for heavy construction
    BIM helps firm identify economic, ecological, and constructability issues, and improve communication with stakeholders.

  • Kalyani Group

    Building a city with BIM
    Autodesk solutions help streamline the planning and design workflows for Khed City, an infrastructure development project in India.

     Kalyani customer story


    BIM for optimized design
    Firm uses intelligent 3D modeling to help meet challenges with site layout and the surrounding terrain, for a converter station in China.