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Civil engineering professionals use Infrastructure Design Suite to plan, design, build, and manage transportation, land, water, and energy infrastructure projects.

Chahoo: Using 3D scan data for reverse engineering

Firm uses Infrastructure Design Suite to automate modeling for a factory site, achieving time savings of up to 70% and helping to reduce project expenses.

 Chahoo customer story

View video (2:30 min.)

DL Engineering & Surveying: Standing apart from the competition

Small engineering firm uses Infrastructure Design Suite tools to differentiate itself from the crowd and win new projects.

Cole Engineering: Expediting detailed infrastructure designs

This C$150-million water distribution project for a Canadian regional municipality involved the design and construction of about 40 kilometers of pipeline. The first challenge for the Cole Engineering Group emerged when the client took a year off the schedule for the first design segment. But they were ready.

 Cole Engineering customer story

View video (2:12 min.)

Whitewater Engineering: Planning and building complex energy projects

Brian Smith discusses how Whitewater Engineering uses Infrastructure Design Suite to plan, design, and build an 18 megawatt power plant for the Gibson Hydroelectric project.

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Sundt Construction: Winning more projects with BIM

For civil construction projects such as airports, highways, bridges, and earthworks, Sundt Construction uses BIM for Infrastructure solutions in the proposal process and to build projects faster and more efficiently.