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Factory planning, visualization, and analysis

Visualize and analyze entire factory floor layouts that are beyond the capacity of most CAD systems. Use Factory Design Suite to create real-time fly-throughs, walk-throughs, lifelike images, and animations that communicate design intent.

Cloud service is available with a subscription or purchase of a perpetual license with maintenance plan.

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    Factory planning, visualization & analysis

  • Reality capture support updates New


    We've dramatically improved synchronization of point cloud data sets between AutoCAD, Inventor, and Navisworks software. Accurately represent the as-is state, regardless of which tool you're in.

    With Real View support from ReCap 360, view panoramic photographs taken during laser scanning. View the photographs in the context of their design tasks for a more realistic representation of the point cloud data.

  • Combine and visualize large facility layouts


    Aggregate manufacturing facilities, production line layouts, and industrial machinery from various CAD systems. With this ability to incorporate various assets, you can produce real-time fly-through and walk-through simulations to effectively present layouts and collaborate with design team stakeholders during facility planning.

  • Early interference detection


    Conduct clash analysis and check for clearances digitally to reduce installation risks before you make any expensive capital equipment commitments.

  • Dynamic presentations from CAD data


    Transform CAD data into compelling imagery and movies. Doing so can improve the factory design review process and protect data. Alternatives, photographic environments, and an extensive material library enable factory designers to produce marketing-quality presentations and visualization in a short time with minimal effort.

  • 3D animation for communicating design intent


    Produce cinematic-quality animation that enables clients to see your digital factory in motion. Lifelike images and stunning animations can accurately demonstrate the factory layout design and help to differentiate your work from the competition.

  • Simulate installation sequences


    Simulate construction schedules and logistics in 5D (3D + time + cost) to help analyze project activities and minimize cost and sequencing problems.

  • Efficient capture of the as-built state


    Incorporate point cloud scans to capture the as-built state of your factory, drastically reducing time spent on manual measurement. Point cloud support in Inventor and AutoCAD enables factory planning designers to place assets in context of the actual state of the facility. Use Navisworks project review software to run clash detections between point clouds and the solid models that make up the factory layout.

  • Point cloud workflows


    Align, orient, and crop point clouds to the region of interest. Use them for collision detection, large asset alignment and fit, and clearance analysis. ReCap reality capture software and services help you create intelligent 3D models from laser scans. Clean, organize, and visualize massive data sets more easily.

  • Vault integration with FDS


    Open layouts and assets directly from Vault data management software. Integration with Vault enables you to manage version and access control for factory projects and assets. Keep track of changes to the layout or design of your factory, and effectively communicate and collaborate on edits as they happen.

  • Efficient design of large, complex assemblies


    Work with integrated tools to design, visualize, and simulate large, complex assemblies and factory equipment. Develop, validate, and communicate product platforms and design variations digitally while synchronizing the manufacturing processes with optimal efficiency. Use integrated simulation tools to ensure product performance and reliability, shorten design times, and lower costs.

  • Virtually infinite computational power


    Perform complex calculations and reduce solve time without depending on desktop computing limitations. Computational resources are no longer limited to your local desktop machine. With A360, you can access unlimited computational speed and power, and reduce time spent on design iterations. This processing runs independently of the tool, so you can design at the same time.

  • Factory bill of equipment


    Create a bill of materials (BOM) table that includes equipment descriptions, quantity, estimated cost, and key parameters. You can then easily export this table to other database-driven applications.

  • Cloud service

    Enhanced process analysis and optimization


    Process Analysis 360 web-based software helps you to design and optimize your manufacturing process. Identify bottlenecks early in the factory planning process with an easy-to-use whiteboard interface. Then, seamlessly continue facility planning with the Factory Design Suite interface in AutoCAD or Inventor.

  • Point cloud management tools


    Access point cloud management tools within the Inventor factory design environment. Navigate to and define the visibility status of scan regions, or scan locations in a point cloud. In the Point Cloud Navigator dialog box, click the light bulb icon to switch off and on the visibility of the respective point cloud entry.