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Facility layout design with AutoCAD

Factory Design Suite offers unique functionality in AutoCAD that enables manufacturers to create facility layouts much more quickly than with traditional workflows.


Cloud service available with a subscription or purchase of a perpetual license with maintenance plan.

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    Facility layout design with AutoCAD

  • Snap to command during Reposition New


    New AutoCAD functionality includes productivity enhancements. The Reposition command now has a "Snap to” option, enabling you to reference other existing geometries and making offsetting and aligning assets much easier.

  • Connectors for AutoCAD assets New


    Another AutoCAD productivity enhancement is the addition of Connectors on assets. Similar to the functionality in Inventor, you now get marker representation of connector points directly in AutoCAD drawing to ease connection between assets. Only available for assets published in the 2015 Factory Design Suite feature pack, and newer, the suite includes a utility for updating assets to take advantage of this functionality.

  • Associate 3D model with AutoCAD asset New


    Factory Assets can have both 2D and 3D representations. With Factory Design Suite, you can now associate a 3D CAD model with an existing factory asset. Syncing from AutoCAD to Inventor automatically creates 3D models by replacing 2D assets with 3D versions.

  • Advanced AutoCAD workflows for facility layout


    Take advantage of workflows built specifically for factory layouts in AutoCAD design and documentation software. Experience greater accuracy and more efficient workflows with 1:1 bidirectional associativity between AutoCAD and Inventor files.

  • Expedite designs with a library of assets


    Speed design with a large library of 2D assets. Search, modify, and reuse content, and publish your own frequently used assets to the cloud. Quickly access parametric factory content—conveyors, material handling equipment, robots, electrical equipment, and more—instead of creating items manually. The suite includes smart facility objects—such as walls, doors, windows, and column grids—and enables you to easily resize and edit models based on your layout requirements.

  • Reserve space with asset chaining workflows


    Save space in AutoCAD and automatically generate 3D chains in Inventor with custom assets like conveyors or fences. The asset chaining functionality takes a simple path drawn in AutoCAD and converts it into a chain of assets. So, you have a familiar and easy-to-use workflow and an expedited facility layout process overall.

  • Analyze facility layouts directly in AutoCAD


    Evaluate facility design scenarios and improve facility layouts earlier with AutoCAD analysis tool. Get leaner manufacturing operations by improving the efficiency of your factory design. Analyze layouts for efficient material flow, machine utilization, and energy consumption in the early stages.