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3D factory layout modeling tools

Factory Design Suite lets you drag-and-drop 3D models of machines and facilities directly onto your 2D floor plan. With bi-directional associativity, the 3D factory model is automatically updated when you change the layout.

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    3D factory layout design

  • Associative 2D and 3D workflows


    Improve accuracy and experience more efficient workflows with 1:1 bidirectional interactivity between AutoCAD and Inventor files. This feature enables you to move more easily from a traditional 2D layout to a 3D representation of the factory floor for more accurate planning and editing.

  • Digitally test 3D factory models


    Quickly explore options in a 3D factory layout environment with easy drag-and-drop functionality. The suite enhances AutoCAD and Inventor with interoperable layout workflows that automatically convert 2D drawings into 3D layout models. Integrate your reusable 3D models of machine and factory components, and try different scenarios digitally to find the optimal factory layout solution.

  • Large library of smart 3D assets


    Expedite designs with a large library of 2D and 3D parametric assets. Publish your own frequently used assets to the cloud. Use a library of parametric assets—such as walls, doors, windows, and column grids—to resize and edit each model based on your factory layout requirements. Easily search, modify, and reuse content.

  • Connector tools for factory assets


    Gain more control over automatic connections between points. Connectors make it easier to position and group multiple assets in the factory design. Simply drag assets from the factory library and line up the green dots. In some cases, you can choose from several orientations for aligning equipment. You can also directly select connectors after dragging an asset from the library.

  • View FactoryCAD drawings


    Import existing FactoryCAD models into Factory Design Suite. Open files into AutoCAD design and documentation software and Inventor 3D CAD software to modify legacy designs. The digital assets recognize the existing geometry for relating 3D objects. You can also open FactoryCAD files in Navisworks project review software to detect clashes between equipment and the as-is state of the building.

  • Revit interoperability


    Import building models formatted with Revit building design software into a Factory Design Suite project. Simplify a factory project and export it as a Revit formatted file to include it in other projects. Having an accurate representation of your building and environment can help to reduce collaboration errors and costs.