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Accelerate texturing and modeling workflow

With tools to sculp, construct, refine, and texture organic and inorganic meshes and surfaces, Entertainment Creation Suite includes 3D modeling software that helps you accelerate sculpting, texturing, and 3D painting tasks.

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    Modeling & texturing

  • Improved sculpting toolset New


    Sculpt and shape models more artistically and intuitively. New and improved sculpting tools provide more detail and resolution. Brushes now feature Volume and Surface falloff, stamp images, sculpting UVs, and support for vector displacement stamps.

  • OpenSubdiv support


    Represent subdivision surfaces using Pixar's open-source OpenSubdiv libraries. The libraries incorporate technology from Microsoft Research and take advantage of both parallel CPU and GPU architectures, leading to faster in-viewport performance for meshes with high subdivision levels.

  • High-quality mesh and surface modeling


    Model the way you want using the extensive polygonal, subdivision surface, and NURBS toolsets within Maya 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software or 3ds Max 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software.

    • Choose from a number of powerful, production-tested tools to help you build and refine both organic and hard-surface models in Maya.
    • With the intuitive Graphite modeling toolset and powerful ProOptimizer technology, 3ds Max helps you create better assets in less time.
  • Intuitive character sculpting


    Create highly detailed organic models using the intuitive sculpting toolsets of Mudbox 3D digital sculpting and texture painting software.

    • Designed by professional 3D modelers and texture artists, Mudbox features a highly intuitive user interface and powerful creative tools for ultrarealistic, production-ready 3D models.
    • Discover artist-friendly brush-based modeling with 2D and 3D layers to more easily manage sculpting iterations on multiple meshes and maps.
    • Evaluate or present your work in a high-performance, on-target environment that helps provide accurate, realistic results.
  • Flexible texturing options

    Standard, Ultimate

    Create sophisticated, realistic textures for your models using artist-friendly 3D paint and texturing tools in Mudbox, 3ds Max, and Maya 3D modeling software.

    • Create, blend, and iterate on multi-layered textures directly on your model with the flexible, intuitive Mudbox 3D painting toolset.
    • Work with or without UVs with support for PTEX textures in Mudbox and Maya.
    • Choose from many creative texture mapping functions in 3ds Max and Maya.
  • Procedural geometry creation


    Model geometry procedurally with Interactive Creative Environment (ICE) in Softimage 3D character animation and visual effects software .

    • Use a set of rules, conditions, and parameters to help create topology operations, particle meshing, custom primitives, and geometry fracturing.
    • Preserve data such as UV attributes with nondestructive editing to help reduce retexturing as changes are made.
    • Handle interactive edits to huge data sets such as forests and cities with a single ICE graph. More easily create and manage high levels of detail.