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Case studies

What Building Design Suite users are saying

See how design, engineering, and construction professionals are using 3D building design software tools in Building Design Suite.

BIM drives success for leading MEP design firm: HPI Himmen
The design firm HPI Himmen is taking important steps toward a comprehensive BIM-workflow with Autodesk and linear solutions.

Video: Building case study: Ayers Saint Gross

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Building business with Building Design Suite: Ayers Saint Gross
Ayers Saint Gross uses software in Building Design Suite for coordination, clash detection, collaboration, and communicating design intent to create better-coordinated, higher-quality buildings.

"The benefits that you can obtain from an Autodesk Building Suite are immediate and significant, and it doesn’t matter the size of the project.” —Glenn Birx, Vice President, COO


Video: Building case study: RLF Architects

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Using BIM for better decisions: RLF Architects
RLF Architects used Building Design Suite on a net-zero energy hospital project in the Mojave Desert.

“Using BIM technology and Building Design Suite allowed us to have the information to make better decisions.” —Damian Serrano, Project Architect and BIM Coordinator


Video: Building case study: SHoP Architects innovative building design projects

Innovative and sustainable design: SHoP Architects
SHoP Architects used Building Design Suite to unite an international project team and help fuel innovative design.

“Being able to visualize the design helped the client to see how lightly the design touched the ground and how organically it engages with the landscape.” —Kevin Fennell, Project Manager, SHoP Architects

Video: Building case study: Clayco.

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Manage field data with help from Autodesk software: Clayco
“Our philosophy is to integrate technology into our processes so that we can deliver the best product to the client at a competitive price and on an aggressive schedule.” —Tomislav Zigo, Clayco