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Get more with Subscription

With the purchase of a Desktop Subscription with pay-as-you-go monthly, quarterly, or annual options, or a perpetual license with Maintenance Subscription, you can extend the capabilities of Building Design Suite. Use Autodesk cloud services to perform energy analysis, store and share files, and render photorealistic images.

BUILDING DESIGN SUITE 2015 EDITIONS Standard Premium Ultimate
IDEAL FOR Designer, drafter Architect, engineer Construction professional
Cloud services for large design files

Get additional capacity (25GB) to store and share large design files in the cloud.

Cloud solution for rendering
Rendering in A360

Move compute-intensive rendering to the cloud to create photorealistic images and panoramas.

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Cloud solution for building energy analysis
Green Building Studio

Perform whole building energy analysis, optimize energy efficiency, and work toward carbon neutrality.

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Cloud solution for building energy analysis
Energy Analysis for Revit

Analyze design concepts and increase the sustainability of building designs.

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Cloud solution for structural analysis
Structural Analysis for Revit

Integrate structural analysis into the BIM process. Explore and visualize results within Revit software, minimizing disruptions to your workflow.

Cloud solution for structural analysis
Lighting Analysis for Revit

Perform LEED lighting analysis with Revit

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Cloud service for Inventor optimization
Optimization for Inventor

Test the performance of your product design options. Create higher-quality products and more sustainable designs at lower cost.

Remote: Drive Autodesk software remotely

Use your remote computer or iPad to drive any Autodesk software installed on your primary computer.

Additional Maintenance Subscription benefits

In addition to Autodesk cloud services, Maintenance Subscription provides:

  • Software updates—Get the most up-to-date tools and features to support your business.
  • Flexible licensing—Use your software at home, in the office, and abroad.
  • Technical support—Get help from Autodesk product support specialists.
  • Additional cloud storage—25GB of A360 cloud-based storage per license.

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Note: All Maintenance Subscription benefits may not be available for all products in all languages and/or geographies. Autodesk Maintenance Subscription is subject to the Autodesk Maintenance Subscription terms and conditions.

Access to services requires an Internet connection and is subject to any geographical restrictions set forth in the Terms of Service.