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The 3 AutoCAD Design Suite editions—Standard, Premium, and Ultimate—combine AutoCAD software with increasingly powerful conceptual design and visual communication software.

Cloud service available with purchase of a perpetual license with Maintenance Subscription or a Desktop Subscription.

AUTOCAD DESIGN SUITE 2015 EDITIONS AutoCAD Design Suite Standard 2015
AutoCAD Design Suite Premium 2015
AutoCAD Design Suite Ultimate 2015
Capture scanned design information
Raster-to-vector conversion tools
Model documentation tools
3D free-form design tools
Transform models into 3D renderings
Rendering in the cloud
Autodesk Exchange Apps
Intelligent command line
Automated workflows
Increased productivity
Reality computing
Design feed
Online maps
Create cinematic-quality presentations
Advanced surfacing capabilities

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Additional Maintenance Subscription benefits

In addition to Autodesk cloud services, Maintenance Subscription provides:

  • Software updates—Get the most up-to-date tools and features to support your business.
  • Flexible licensing—Use your software at home, in the office, and abroad.
  • Technical support—Get help from Autodesk product support specialists.
  • Additional cloud storage—25GB of A360 cloud-based storage per license.

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Note: All Maintenance Subscription benefits may not be available for all products in all languages and/or geographies. Autodesk Maintenance Subscription is subject to the Autodesk Maintenance Subscription terms and conditions.