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Scaleform Mobile SDK

Perpetual Licenses

Subject to the terms of the governing license agreement, a perpetual license lets you use your version of software for as long as you want and do not require network connectivity to run once activated.

Produce high-quality UI for high-performance games and applications using an advanced vector graphics runtime - either in tandem with a mobile game engine or as a standalone Flash runtime.

After purchasing Scaleform, please visit gameware.autodesk.com/support/downloads to download the latest version of this product. Please note, you will receive a perpetual key within 24 hours of your purchase.

Support: We offer a wide range of videos and documentation (received with SF download) to help developers create top quality content as efficiently as possible. Our forums are also a great source to connect with other developers to share information. For more extensive support, we offer a premium support package that allows direct access to our developers. Please email us for further information and pricing.

Note: Customers must accept the EULA prior to completing purchase via a checkbox on the Review Order page.

Platforms Supported:


    Scaleform Mobile SDK for Windows Phone 8

    Scaleform Mobile SDK for Android

    Scaleform Mobile SDK for iOS

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