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Scaleform Mobile SDK

Perpetual Licenses

Perpetual licenses are ideal for individuals or small offices requiring only a few individuals to access and use Autodesk products. These licenses let you use your version of software for as long as you want, and do not require network connectivity to run.

Produce high-quality UI for high-performance games and applications using an advanced vector graphics runtime - either in tandem with a mobile game engine or as a standalone Flash runtime.

After purchasing Scaleform, please visit gameware.autodesk.com/support/downloads to download the latest version of this product. Please note, you will receive a perpetual key within 24 hours of your purchase.

Support: We offer a wide range of videos and documentation (received with SF download) to help developers create top quality content as efficiently as possible. Our forums are also a great source to connect with other developers to share information. For more extensive support, we offer a premium support package that allows direct access to our developers. Please email us for further information and pricing.

Note: Customers must accept the EULA prior to completing purchase via a checkbox on the Review Order page.

Platforms Supported:

    Scaleform Mobile SDK for Windows Phone 8

    Scaleform Mobile SDK for Android

    Scaleform Mobile SDK for iOS

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Scaleform Mobile SDK

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