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Enjoy intuitive Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools specifically created for architectural designs. New enhancements in Revit Architecture 2015 help you to:

    Achieve a hand drawn, informal sketch look, by just pushing a button with new Presentation Sketchy Lines graphics, which gives you two parameters (Jitter and Extension) for adjusting the look of the lines.

    Adjust the Family Parameter order more easily to company standards and maintain the parameter order as you specify.

    Link an IFC file to the current project and enjoy better fidelity and associated parameters. The new Link IFC tool updates your project to reflect changes if you later change the IFC file and reload, helping files come into the Revit environment with the correct values and units.

    Create schedules with images to show graphical information for elements.

    Enjoy simpler keynoting settings. The keynoting revision dialog now has a single path with absolute / relative / library locations.

    Delete elements by unpinning them and deleting, or deleting through the expanded warning dialog. Instead of permitting the deletion and providing a warning, Revit will now warn you that the element is pinned and instruct you to unpin the element before using Delete.

    Enjoy a more streamlined process in which deleting a revision removes it and all of its associated clouds and tags from the model.

    Get better control over what you are viewing with the new temporary view mode, which lets you modify any instance property for the view, not only the properties included in templates and visibility/graphics overrides. 

    Change the referenced view after a view reference has been created, or change it in reference callouts, sections, and elevations as needed.

    Show or hide the hidden lines of your geometry independent of what discipline your view is set to with enhanced hidden lines.

    Create schedules more easily with schedule enhancements to Parameters, Filter & Grand Totals.

    Render faster and without white "fireflies" with new enhancements to ray trace view mode.

    Enjoy more granular control with anti-aliasing improvements that allow you to turn on Anti-aliasing for specific views, and not for others.

    Display point clouds as model elements instead of underlay elements.

    Automatically create a more precise energy analytical model.The algorithm that generates an energy analytical model directly from Revit building elements and sends it to Autodesk® Green Building Studio® web service* has been improved.

    Change UniformatClassifications.txt location with new Manage Assembly Code Setting dialog.

    Name duplicated files more easily with new features that add “Copy 1” to the name when you duplicate a view.

    Use any parameters from the view category (in addition to the viewport category) when creating a label for a view title family. Add shared parameters to the label if you want to display custom information.

    Choose from box selections of multiple elements with new updates to Trim / Extend functionality.

*Available to Autodesk Maintenance Subscription customers of Revit Architecture 2015 during the term of their Subscription.

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