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Generate near-realistic, visually-powerful 3D models with Mudbox 2015 3D digital sculpting and painting software. Create detailed assets and rich and complex textures that are high-impact even in today’s high-resolution formats. Toolsets allow artists to:

  • Combine traditional sculpting techniques with powerful technology to help simulate real-world textures and bring 3D models to life with professional digital sculpting toolsets that have the ability to pinch, pull, grab, smooth, and scrape.
  • Create clean, production-quality meshes from scanned, imported, or sculpted data using automatic and manual curve-guided retopology tools.
  • Import 3D models created in Maya® and 3ds Max® and paint directly onto models in a high-resolution, true 3D painting workflow to help give characters and environments a lifelike finish.
  • Save time and give assets more detailed textures with texture baking tools that use Map Extraction to provide high-quality meshes that render more efficiently.
  • See your work come together as you sculpt and paint using an intuitive multi-touch interface that renders quality results in the viewport.
  • Explore design iterations with advanced 3D layer capabilities that allow you to experiment with design concepts and make changes more easily.
  • Experience a more integrated workflow with single-step interoperability with certain products within Entertainment Creation Suites 2015 and enhanced Adobe Photoshop software compatibility.

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