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    Create more believable characters, props, environments, and visual effects with Maya 2015 software. New UV options, new capabilities to its high-end character and effects toolset, and enhanced polygon modeling tools help accelerate performance and increase productivity.

    Create near photorealistic simulation and rendering of liquids with the new Bifrost Procedural Effects Platform, which allows you to:

  • Interactively preview results in the high-performance Viewport 2.0 hardware-accelerated display, and rendered in the NVIDIA® mental ray® renderer.
  • Render results in the NVIDIA mental ray renderer
  • Choose whether to mesh liquids with a new particle surfacer, or render the voxels directly.
  • Generate curves, spheres, and custom geometry on the surface of polygon meshes with the XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator to:

  • Help create and groom hair, fur, and feathers on characters, and quickly populate large landscapes with grass, foliage, trees, rocks, and debris trails.
  • Handle large amounts of instanced data that would slow down a system if loaded in memory.
  • Preview rendered effects interactively in the Maya Viewport 2.0 hardware-accelerated display.
  • Control the appearance and behavior of the primitives by setting attributes, painting maps, and creating expressions.

Produce high-quality production-ready results in less time with Geodesic Voxel Binding, an innovative new skinning method for binding geometry to joint skeletons.

Create advanced HLSL, GLSL, and CgFX viewport shaders with the ShaderFX real-time visual shader editor.

Leverage OpenSubdiv to represent subdivision surfaces for faster draw performance for deforming subdivs. Visualize displacement maps interactively without the need to render.

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