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Get 12 months free* Autodesk phone support when you purchase an annual Inventor LT Suite term license plan.

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Desktop Subscription Licenses

Desktop Subscription gets you access to use Autodesk software for a specified period of time, with the option to renew. Desktop Subscription offers (during the period of Subscription) benefits similar to a perpetual license with Maintenance Subscription, including basic support and, for most products, access to select Autodesk 360 cloud services. Other benefits include:

  • Scalable Licensing — Quickly scale up and down to manage a variety of temporary project and staffing needs.
  • Pay When You Need it — With Desktop Subscription, you pay for access to software only when you actually need it, giving you the flexibility to control costs without an up-front license investment or long-term commitment.
  • The Latest Software — Stay current with the latest releases and product enhancements.

Limited time offer: Buy a monthly or annual Desktop Subscription for AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite and get free access to Autodesk Fusion 360 for up to one year.

Perpetual Licenses

Perpetual licenses are ideal for individuals or small offices requiring only a few individuals to access and use Autodesk products. These licenses let you use your version of software for as long as you want, and do not require network connectivity to run.

Can I upgrade my current license of Autodesk software?

If you already have a legally installed version of Autodesk software and are interested in purchasing a license of a newer version, you may be eligible for an upgrade. To qualify for an upgrade to a 2015 version, you must be moving from a 2009 or more recent version.

Please note:

Based on the desktop subscription term you select below, you will receive a term license to use Autodesk software plus associated benefits. Under the Auto-Renewal Plan, your license will automatically renew for additional periods equal in length to your initial term, and you will be billed automatically at the start of each period, starting on the date that Digital River processes your order (see the cart for details).

Desktop Subscription FAQs (e.g., information about how it works, cancellation and benefits)


    To avoid potential issues, ensure that the billing information (e.g., name and email address) submitted is that of the Contract Manager (the person who will manage users) as this person cannot be changed once the purchase is made.

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